Artemis Mass Installer

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WM Start Menu => Tools





With is application you can install multiple cabs with only one click





1)- Select in the Top "Folder List" your cab directory

2)- Checked in the Bottom "Cab File list" the files for installation

3)- Click to "Start" button to start mass installation...


Press x_Up_40icon to go to up folder


Press x_Down_40icon to go to enter in selected folder


Press x_SelAll3icon to select all Cab files


Press x_UnSelAll3icon to unselect all Cab files


Press Settings_40icon to setup installation options for selected cab file or for all cabs files







Press xsaveOptionsicon to save ALL installation Options in the current folder

with file name InsOptions.txt.


NOTE1: Every time you point a folder,

Mass installer looking for this file (InsOptions.txt) to load your folder installation setting.



Press xInstall3icon to start mass installation of checked cab files...




I build this application with CodeTyphon