CVSD Create a voice tag for a program

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To create a voice tag for a program


1. On the Home screen, press the [Settings] >[Personal]  >[Voice Speed Dial]

2. Please go to the [Application] page, this setting page will display all installed applications on the Pocket PC’s [Start] Menu and [Programs] folder.


Note: If the entry has a voice tag icon on the right side, it means user has built a voice tag for this item.


3. Example: To create a voice tag for "Artemis Center"

4. Launch [Voice Speed Dial], tap [Application] setting page

5. Move to "Artemis Center"

6. Tap "Record" button

7. After beep sound, say "Artemis"

8. System will now build the recorded voice tag.

9. After the voice tag is successfully built, a voice tag icon will be displayed on the right of the item.

10. User can launch [Voice Speed Dial], after beep sound then say “Artemis” directly to launch "Artemis Center".

11. User can rebuild the voice tag by tapping the "Record" button again.

12. To delete the voice tag, select the item and tap the "Delete" button, system will remove this item's voice tag.