X2 Task Manager


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1. Overview

Task Manager is an utility panel placed on your taskbar.

Artemis for HD2 ROM has Build in the X2 Task Manager.

The X2 Task Manager provides two basic information – managing running applications and providing information on memory.


To start using the task manager, you will need to perform a soft reset after ROM installation.

You can launch the panel by clicking on the top-right portion of the screen.


2. Features

Below are the features available on Task Manager X2:

   * Visually aesthetic design

   * Ability to view any running application and switching to different applications

   * Provides detail information on the device’s memory, including RAM and ROM

      used as well as SIM information (contacts and text message capacity)

   * Is "Real Time"


X2 Task Manager gives you an overview of your system – whether its managing


Running Applications (page1) or



Memory Information (page2) .


x x2 page2


The pleasant and quick UI certain adds value to the experience as well.


w_info You can customize  or disabled X2, with Artemis Center here