What is Artemis ROM

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1.  Intro

Artemis for HD2 is the HIGH-TECH ROM Family.

Combines always the latest Windows Mobile 6.5.5 version with latest HTC Manila and HTC Packages.
This ROM Family is stable , fast and very close to stock ROM "Philosophy".
Artemis for HD2 is Multi-Language ROM.
Is for Every Day Use.


2.  Languages Versions:

  • WWE English
  • FRA French
  • GER German
  • ITA Italian
  • ELL Greek
  • SPA Spanish
  • PTG Portugese
  • RUS Russian
  • NLD Dutch
  • NOR Norwegian
  • SVE Swedish
  • DAN Denmark


NOTE1: ALL Artemis Languages Versions have the same applications.

NOTE2: Some Artemis ROM applications, build with my "CodeTyphon"
the Free Visual Programming Distribution link.

NOTE3: You can use Artemis ROM as WM programming Platform.
Has all WM 6.5.x SDK libraries, all HTC SDK libraries and the latest Graphic drivers/libraries for:
DirectX, OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.0, DGIPlus, OpenVG and Java.