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Category: WM Applications
Number of Subcategories: 21
folder.png Other Files: 1

Anything that does not belong in the other categories

folder.png Calculators Files: 0

Any kind of program used for calculations

folder.png Contacts Files: 0

All contact related software

folder.png Education Files: 0

Any kind of educational software

folder.png Emulators Files: 0

Game system emulators and any other emulator software

folder.png GPS Files: 1

GPS software and maps

folder.png Health/Medical Files: 0

Health or medicine related software

folder.png Input Files: 0

Software keyboards, handwriting recognition, voice command and other input applications

folder.png Imaging Files: 0

Image editing programs, graphics programs, image viewers, drawing utilities, etc.

folder.png Web/Network Files: 1

Browsers, messengers, email clients, download clients, connection utilities and other internet related software

folder.png Media Files: 0

Video viewers, Music players, remote controls

folder.png Languages Files: 0

Dictionaries, encyclopedias

folder.png PC Files: 0

Synchronization, development, etc.

folder.png Phone Utilities Files: 4

Any software made for WM phone editions

folder.png Development Files: 0

Programming and development software

folder.png Schedule/Time Files: 0

Schedule applications, calendars

folder.png Security Files: 0

Antiviruses, eWallets, firewalls, encryption tools, etc.

folder.png System Utilities Files: 1

Cleaners, optimization, overclocking, tweaking and other system related software

folder.png Today Screen Files: 0

Applications related to your today screen

folder.png Travel Files: 0

Traveling guides, non-GPS maps, city guides,etc.

folder.png Weather Files: 0

Weather forecast software and other weather related applications